Property Buying Process


Guide to property investment in Dubai.

The final process in the property purchase, is to transfer the property on or before the agreed date mentioned in the sale and purchase agreement. Your Citiway agent will ensure that a developer NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) has been obtained from the relevant developer. They will also advise you to whom to make managers cheques payable and the amount required to be paid. All property transactions in Dubai must occur at the Dubai Land Department or a registered transfer centre and all payments must be made by bank managers cheques. Parties should be aware that the time for issuance of managers cheque can vary according to the Bank, and can take up to two working days. On completion of the transfer process, the Buyer will receive either a Title Deed or Oqood, both of which are legal recognition of your ownership of that property at the Dubai Land Department.
Upon agreeing the terms, parties will enter into a sale and purchase agreement, which will state the terms and conditions for the property transfer. Our agents are well versed on the content and purpose of clauses in the Sale and Purchase Agreement and they are well placed to represent clients interests as Brokers.

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